About Us

We invite you to discover the magnificent crystal lighting of « Le Cristal d’Adèle », produced in a family glass factory Wranovsky in the northern part of Czech Republic, where the experience and knowledge of glass art has been inherited from one generation to another.

every light is an original

Every light is an original and you can create yours

You can choose from our standard offer or perhaps be inspired by our tailor-made creations or just personalise your light as you wish.

You may choose from various colours of glass, trimmings and lampshades. Please let us know what your particular requirements may be and we will do our utmost to produce it for you.

We can also help you with the choice and design of the right light. We place particular emphasis on an individual approach to satisfy all customers.

What you need to know about us

Thanks to the traditional hand manufacturing supported by modern technologies and use of high-grade, high-quality glass, crystals and metal parts, we create real masterpieces.

Please take time to browse our document explaining the production of our crystal chandeliers by clicking on the picture on the right hand side.

Long tradition of prestigious Bohemian Crystal

Long tradition of prestigious Bohemian Crystal

Czech glass is a symbol of quality, craftsmanship, unique style and beauty. Bohemian crystal chandeliers cast a spectrum of colours and the higher the lead content is, the more the chandelier sparkles.

Czech crystal chandeliers were a sign of wealth and became as prestigious as expensive jewellery. The glitter of Czech crystal chandeliers enhances the brilliance of castles and palaces; they illuminate parliaments, governmental residences, universities, concert halls, cathedrals and churches across the world. For instance, Czech crystal chandeliers hang in Milan's La Scala, in Rome's Teatro dell’Opera, in the hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles, in the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg and in the residence of King Ibn Saud in Riyadh.