Frequently Asked Questions

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Simply choose the desired product(s) and follow order process. You will be asked to enter your personal data and agree with the General Terms & Conditions. You have the possibility to create an account for your future purchases, but it is not obligatory.

Of course you can also order by e-mail or by telephone.

You may cancel an order yourself as long as it appears in "My Cart". You cannot cancel an order after payment.

Your personal data will remain strictly private and confidential; it will be used solely to enable us and our suppliers to process your order and is data protected. Data will not be disclosed to any third party without your prior written consent.

You can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard), debit card Postfinance or by PostFinance E-finance. You can also pay by bank transfer; we will provide you with our bank details and the reference number (order number). The order will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

In addition to the cardholder's name, credit card company, card number and validity, we require the credit card verification number. The verification number is a 3-digit number on the back of the credit card, which guarantees security of your online payment.

After having completed your order online, you will automatically receive an email of acknowledgement confirming that we have correctly received your order.

Within 7 working days following your order, we send you a new email with a provisional delivery date.
When your product is ready, we will send you an email confirming the dispatch date accompanied by a detailed invoice.

To prevent any unauthorized access to your data, we use the most modern coding techniques such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is a respected standard security protocol that guarantees the security of internet data exchange. The additional protection for credit card payments is provided by "Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard Secure Code".

Products ordered on our website are delivered only in Switzerland. For deliveries abroad, please contact us directly.

All prices include 7.7% VAT and delivery costs. Depending on the size and weight of the products ordered, it will be sent to you by post or transport company.

We will deliver your ordered products to the desired address as per the “Ship to” address supplied upon order. The electronic invoice will be sent to the billing address as supplied under “Bill to”.

Every light is a custom-made original and following your order it takes approximately 3 to 10 weeks to have your product produced and shipped, depending on the complexity of the production. Within 7 working days following your order, you will receive an email with a more precise delivery date. The exact date of delivery will be agreed with you directly when the product is ready to be dispatched.

We can install our products upon request. This is an additional service to be billed separately.

If you wish to install the light yourself, the assembly instructions are included in every original package. Concerning the electric connection, we recommend that you ask an electrician to provide appropriate assistance. If you wish to connect the electric cables yourself, it will be at your own risk. Le Cristal d'Adèle disclaims all liability for damages and / or accidents caused by the installation of chandeliers apart from those made by our own team.

Carefully unpack the chandelier from the carton and check the instructions. The chandeliers and other lights are shipped disassembled, which reduces the risk of damage during transport. Assembling the light is not difficult; all parts are clearly labelled and should be assembled in numeric and then alphabetic order as shown in the Installations instructions. Always start the assembly by unwrapping the chandelier column, which is usually already assembled.

The ceiling cover of the chandelier (canopy) should not be moved on the tube before unscrewing the security screw. This cover is used to hide the electrical connection. Only a person, who is approved to do such work, should connect the chandelier. Careful, installation should be done always while electricity is switched off.

In order to easily assemble your chandelier, please follow the instructions below (please click on the type of chandelier you are interested in):

A soft duster should be used for cleaning metal parts and glass components. The bowls should be washed in a detergent solution, rinsed and kept dry. You can also use a special cleaning liquid for crystal chandeliers. You spray all parts of chandelier and just leave it to dry out. 

Careful, cleaning should be always done while electricity is switched off.

Our lights are designed for dry environments. If you are not sure or would like to use a light in other environment, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advice you with the convenient light for you.

Any light may be customized. Metal finish and glass colours or trimmings may be changed. You can add the lampshades in the colour of your choice on top of the lights. Please have a look at our sample book and contact us directly.

We have opened a showroom in Nyon, at Chemin du Joran.

All our lights are assembled and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

All our lights comply with CSN EN 60 598-1/2005 and CSN 60 598-2-1/1997. They have received « CB test certificate » (Certificat d’essai OC) from IEC System for Mutual Recognition of test certificated for electrical equipment (IECEE) CB Scheme (Système CEI d’acceptation mutuelle de certificats d’essais des équipements électriques (IECEE) méthode OC (for ceiling lights: reference certificate no° CZ-1529-A1, for wall sconces: CZ-1523, for lamps: CZ-1552).

The lights are supplied without bulbs. Nevertheless we recommend you to use bulbs in accordance with the technical information as stated on the label and installation notice. All our products comply with the LED bulbs.

The standard sockets usually used are E14 for chandeliers, E27 for floor lamps or some chandeliers, G7 or GU 10 for modern lights. The wattage is defined in every installation notice. We recommend for sockets E14 bulbs with maximum of 40 W (for LED 400 lm), for E27 maximum of 60 W (for LED 700 lm).

Each light description includes information about dimensions (diameter and height of a light). In case of a chandelier with a chain or tube, the indicated height does not include the length of the chain or tube and canopy. Concerning flush mounts and modern lights, attached to the ceiling either directly by a metal base or by a metal base connected to a canopy, the height includes the distance from the metal plate to the lowest part of the light.

Our chandeliers contain a canopy and a chain of 3 to 5 links (every link measures approximately 4 cm), in total 15-20 cm long depending on the type of the chandelier.
The chain can be shortened up to the length of one link, which is necessary to join the hanger to the body of the chandelier.

In an open space, where one walks under the light, the recommended distance between the bottom part of a chandelier and floor is 220 cm. This is obviously flexible according to one’s criteria. Nevertheless, this distance should not be less then 200 cm, which is the approximate height of a standard doorframe. If the chandelier will hang over the table or a piano, it can be hung lower, about 175 cm above the floor.

With regard to the fact that the height of ceiling lights with chains does not include the length of the chain, the length of the chain and canopy must be added to the height of the chandelier. The height of a canopy with chain is between 15 and 20 cm depending on the size of the chandelier. In cases where the ceiling is not high enough, it is possible to shorten the chain. The chain can be shortened up to the length of one link, which is necessary for joining the hanger and the body of the chandelier together.

When hanging the chandelier, the hook should be installed on the ceiling according to its specificity. For safety reasons, the load capacity of the ceiling needs to be twice the chandelier's weight.

The potential health risk of lead content in crystal industry concerns only lead crystal glassware, not crystal lights, and is very rare nowadays. For your complete safety and to avoid any health issues, Cognac or Port should not be stored in crystal decanters. Crystal containers (decanters, glasses, pots) can be used on daily basis without any health risk.

We guarantee the products for twenty-four months starting on the day of product’s dispatch from the factory to the client. Any production defects will be repaired free of charge. The warranty does not cover any mechanical damage and is no longer valid if any modifications are made.

Kindly provide the invoice together with the warranty notice stamped by the producer.

If the packaging or product delivered by a transport company or by post looks damaged (torn, drenched, etc.), please examine the consignment in front of the carrier and immediately report it to him before signing a delivery note. Please refuse the products and sign a statement of claim with the carrier and take pictures of damaged parts in his presence. Don't let the carrier persuade you that the shipment was badly packed. We pack the chandeliers with great care! The service provider is obliged to give you a confirmation of damage. All damages caused by transport have to be announced immediately to our company. Damaged parts will be then replaced free of charge.

If you fail to take over the product at the agreed date of delivery, the carrier will leave you a note with his contact information. Therefore you can arrange a second delivery date at no extra charge.

Other delivery attempts would incur additional shipping fees.

All products are custom-made originals and therefore are excluded from the right of return (but not claims based on the guarantee).

Exchanges due to products deemed unsuitable are not possible.