Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Installation

We can install our products upon request. This is an additional service to be billed separately.

If you wish to install the light yourself, the assembly instructions are included in every original package. Concerning the electric connection, we recommend that you ask an electrician to provide appropriate assistance. If you wish to connect the electric cables yourself, it will be at your own risk. Le Cristal d'Adèle disclaims all liability for damages and / or accidents caused by the installation of chandeliers apart from those made by our own team.

Carefully unpack the chandelier from the carton and check the instructions. The chandeliers and other lights are shipped disassembled, which reduces the risk of damage during transport. Assembling the light is not difficult; all parts are clearly labelled and should be assembled in numeric and then alphabetic order as shown in the Installations instructions. Always start the assembly by unwrapping the chandelier column, which is usually already assembled.

The ceiling cover of the chandelier (canopy) should not be moved on the tube before unscrewing the security screw. This cover is used to hide the electrical connection. Only a person, who is approved to do such work, should connect the chandelier. Careful, installation should be done always while electricity is switched off.

In order to easily assemble your chandelier, please follow the instructions below (please click on the type of chandelier you are interested in):